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I just want to apologize for the INCREDIBLE RESEMBLANCE Deimos has with Lelouch de Brittania.

Believe me or not, I think this was done unconsiously.

I was watching Code Geass at the time I was designing the story, and it might kind of, got into my head. I of course, have not yet finished watching it, since I'm a really unconstant anime watcher. But I am aware it is a great story.

So, when making up Deimos, I did consciusly tought that he looked (physically) like Lelouch, but I was surprised at how well it fitted that he had a handicapped person in his life (Lelouch has Nanaly) and no other name fitted his secret organization better than the "Star Knights" (Code Geass's are the "Order of the Black Knights"), I don't even know how the idea of him having a secret organization came up.

I didn't noticed this until really later when I watched again Code Geass, at I was far to advanced in the story (call me lazy if you want) to change it in a way that it fitted. So I left it, I'm just doing this for fun anyway.

Why am I talking bad of my own comic?

Well, I've always been really strict about originality. I always critize lack of (when uncredited) and even become hater of thinks that rip off stuff and call it their own, mostly if those unoriginal things become popular. Being such a condemner of unoriginality, and now falling into what I hate the most, I feel the least I can do is publish an apology on the issue, for me to feel good about it.